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Book review- The Heartbreak

The Heartbreak
-By Isabelle Connors


The Heartbreak is the second part of Isabelle's series #TheUndyingLove. 

This story follows up part one in which Skylar left for another city for further studies in the end leaving a confused Ariana who thinks that distance will only grow them apart.

The story starts with both Skylar and Ari feeling incomplete without each other busy in their respective college lives. They loved each other and miss each other when Michelle enters Sky's life as his tutor. Michelle was attracted to him right from the very first time she saw him but sky was never interested in her. Their life takes a sudden turn when seduced by Michelle's continuous efforts, he spent a night with her with a deal that they don't and will never have a future together and whatever they are going to share is not love. That turn actually turns into a blind turn when she informs him that she is pregnant with his child.

Unaware of all this Ari is desperately waiting for Skylar to return for thanksgiving holidays.

What future has in store for them?

Will sky choose Michelle and his child over Ari or will he leave both of them to be with the love of his life?

Dive through this emotional love ride to find the answers that follow.


The entire story is well penned with most of the part being in dialogue form. Apart from discussing about sky's and Ari's lives it also describes the story from Michelle's point of view. Also, an excellent title is been chosen for this part. The way in which the dialogue writing is done is simply amazing. Though the language used is simple I did not found any grammatical errors. Targeting young readers the story creates much needed curiosity for the last part.


The story only discuss about Sky, Ari and Michelle. No other character including Rachel and Colin has been discussed in detail. The story could be more descriptive and a bit of unpredictability could have been maintained till the end. As I mentioned in the review of its first part that it lacked literature, I found it missing in part-2 as well. Also, the book cover lacks in detailing the content present inside.

Final opinion:

The emotional turmoil through which Sky and Ari passes will connect you with the story and being a quick read, one can easily finish it off in one go.

Loving someone is easy but retaining that love being miles apart being in our limits is the only desire and demand of love. It’s easy to get carried away when provoked but the actual test and proof of love lies in knowing your limits and being in line with them. The way in which both of their mindsets, ability of accepting the wrongdoings by Sky and still acceptable unconditional love from Ari's side will definitely liked by those who believe in love.

Go grab a copy now and enjoy this emotional journey along with Sky and Ari.

Final Rating: 

Book Cover and Title: 2.75/5 

Plot, language and Literature: 2.75/5 

Character Justification: 3/5 

Final Rating: 3/5

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