Friday, 24 July 2015

Review: SOAR (Success Over Adversity Reigns)

Success Over Adversity Reigns
-By Abir Mukherjee

A special thanks to Abir Mukherjee for the free book copy and Kamal Paneru for recommending me to Abir. 


Based on the lives of three individuals, It professionals and frustrated employees, Adhyayan, Rajasekaran and Uday, Soar is their journey of a new business startup. When they kick started their business which was non-existent in India till that, not everyone who came in their way, supported them. 

Followed by the problems of money-to-be invested, marital issues faced by Adhyayan and his wife, con-games, perspective-differences and inter-caste relation of Raja and Snega(h), this journey has a lot in store for its readers. 

Will the trio be able to take their business towards newer horizons? 

How will they solve their problems? 

What will land one of them into the prison? 

Will the entangled lives of Udya, Raja and Adi get solved till the book head towards its ending or will it lead to the closure of their one-of-its-kind business in India? 

A wonderful journey with some wonderful essences and lessons for business and life, SOAR is a must read for all those who look forward to become young entrepreneurs. 

My Opinion:


The story is penned with an excellent narration style with wonderful use of Literature. The quality of author to not exaggerate the story with useless accounts leaves a wonderful impact and makes this book a quick read. With his wonderful visualizing power, Abir was successful in adding a visual appeal to this book through his minute detailing to each and every scene and emotion which makes this journey more interesting. Also, all the characters introduced in the book (though less) were justified properly and an equal share of importance is given to all three protagonists. 

Besides this, the cover and title of the book adds a cherry on the cake and makes it a perfect book in all aspects. 

Some of the best parts that touched my heart include: 

“Hi Kutti, I’m Raja. You’re…” 

I am bored of my I-card and thus want to change it 

“Yes, he is at level 90 in Candy-crush.” 

The warm air coupled with the glittering yellow ray from the partially nibbled sun of twilight that was present, just a moment ago, was replaced…… entirely. 

“Uday has two weeks of time, you have one month and I have five days left to lose her forever.” 


Though it was one of the toughest aspects to point out shortcomings in this wonderful piece, I still felt that the blurb could have been a bit more inquisitive. Half of the story is clear from the blurb itself. 

Final Opinion:

Right from teaching them some wonderful lessons of love, life, business which we ignore even after knowing its consequences. Abir has exceptionally penned the life of three separate individuals connected with the only thread of their business and friendship. One with problems in his married life, one with a dream of conquering the world with his dream-business and one who is fighting for his love and the barriers of inter-caste issues that come for free. It also emits some wonderful lessons that “Never let money interfere with the bonds you share with your loved ones and the importance one should give to other’s opinions”. 

So grab its copy fast and taste this crazy, happy and emotional recipe of love, friendship, business and relationships of three young entrepreneurs. 

Final Rating:

Book Cover: 4/5

Plot, language and Literature: 4/5

Character Justification:  4.5/5

Final Rating: 4/5

Touch of Celebration:

With this book, I have completed a collection of 50 books. This small achievement for me is a step towards a bigger dream of having a personal library, I would like to thank my friends, family, colleagues and all the authors who have trusted me so far to get their book reviewed by me and for inspiring me to read books.

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