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Review: Just Six Evenings

Just Six Evenings
-By Tanmay Dubey

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Just six evenings as the name suggests is the period that changes protagonist’s life. Sitting in the Police Station, he is revisiting the course of his life and the six evenings which has changed his. 

Atul, a sales agent was working with an electronic retail store in Bhopal. His convincing skills have made him one of the leading sales executive of the store. While coming back from his hometown one day, he met a girl on train, Priya, with whom he fell in love almost at the very first sight. The train reaches its destination and so they both leave each other. His life in Bhopal is at its best with two of his friends and flat-mates, Lovely and Ramakant. 

With an offer of MBA training which Priya was looking for, Atul writes her re-entry into his life. Spending time with each other all the six evenings that she was in his city, they eventually fall in love. But destiny has something else in store for him. Charu, a colleague from his office, the girl lovely is in love with, also loves Atul and becomes the reason for their break up on the day Priya was about to leave Bhopal. Also, some of the corrupt business deeds of Atul results him in switching his job and changing his city to Delhi. 

Eight years later, Atul is a successful sales executive in one of the MNC’s. Corrupt and convincing, he was given a responsibility of crackling one of the biggest deals for their company by his boss. Life takes a U-turn and Priya makes an entry into in his life once again for six days. 

What destiny has decided for them? 

Where will Atul’s corrupt attitude take him in life? 

Will Priya ever forgive him for his cheating? 

What is in store for the take-2 of Just Six evenings? 

Go through this love-corporate drive with an essence of love to find all the answers. 

My Opinion:


The story is crafted wonderfully and the best part about the starting is its Prologue. It makes the readers curious enough to remain hooked with the story till the end to unfold all the answers in left in the beginning. With nice narration and dialogue writing, this is crafted perfectly with accurate scene transitioning effect and grammar. Though the story is very much inclined towards the concepts of Sales and marketing industry, the writer has defined each and every jargon used in the story to make things clear to the readers who have no knowledge of Sales. Targeting corporate professionals, this novel will be equally loved by both teen-age and middle aged men. The plot is well thought of and being a Debut writer, Tanmay has done a fabulous job. 


Started with an extremely slow pace, the book takes the perfect pace in the ending. First half which only deals with the Sales stories of Atul seems a bit boring up to a certain level. Besides this, the use of literature in this story could have elevated its level. The love story and the six evenings that changes Atul’s life should have been more descriptive instead of the deals which have been given more preference. 

Final Opinion:

The story might lack literature, but at some points, the teachings it release in the form of Guruji’s words that we must think for our actions, otherwise life has its own ways of teaching us and that forgiveness is the most generous form of giving has left a positive effect on the ending. Nowhere in the story, will readers feel that this is a debut novel because the words chosen to describe emotions, love, lust corruption and corporate ethics and fraud are perfect. 

All in all, it is a perfect blend of love, corporate politics, thrill and cheating. Read this enthralling story to unlock all the answers of this Sales executive’s love story. I can definitely say that Tanmay has a long way to go.

Final Rating:

Book Cover: 3/5

Plot, language and Literature: 3/5

Character Justification: 4/5

Final Rating: 3.25/5

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