Thursday, 2 July 2015

Review: It Happens for a Reason

It Happens For A Reason
-By Preety Shenoy

The story unfolds when Vipasha, Vee to friends, was lying on the hospital bed in labor pain. Becomes single a mother at 19, Vee is a happy go lucky teenager who doesn’t known what she want in life. To give birth to her child, she leaves her career in modeling when it’s at peak and become a part of the world where she lives happily with her son. After a leap of fifteen years, she has turned into an owner of a dog boarding facility and a gym instructor. With a wonderful bond that she shares with her son, she is happy in own little world. Her life start changing when a miss-hap at Paw factor, her dog boarding facility and the return of Ankush (her son’s father) turns her life upside down. Read this tale of a teenage-model turned teenage mother who wishes to tell the world that “It Happens for a reason”

My opinion:

With simple narration and easy language, the story kept me engaged and curious till the very ending. Be it the bond between a mother and a son, a teenage relationship, the bond between dogs and humans or the friendship, the author has given utmost importance to each and every character and incidences involved in her story. 

With this story, the author was successful in giving her readers’ a message, that whatever happens in life happens for a reason. All we need to do is, accept it, learn from it, forget it and move on. Because life it too short to hold grudges against each other. You never know what you take as negative might actually turns out to be much better that what you have dreamt of.

Though more than half of the story was clear from its blurb itself, I still enjoyed reading it to known the way Preety ends it. The character of Ankush was not well justified and I believe she could have given some time in detailing his part. The ending was way too predictive but the narration will hook its readers till the very end. After reading “The Secret Wish List” and “Life is what you make it” from her, I truly have expected a lot more than her, though I am not disappointed either.

In short and simple words, this is a roller coaster ride of love, teen-age relationships and a mother-son bond releasing a strong message that we should not keeping grudges in our heat against anyone because “It Happens for a reason”.

Overall Rating:
Book Cover: 3/5
Language and Literature: 3/5
Character Justification: 4/5
Final Rating: 3.25/5

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