Monday, 22 June 2015

Review: Things end but memories last forever

Things end but memories last forever
- By Kumar Milan

“My feelings remained the same but you chose to walk away…” quoted Kumar Milan in his debut novel “Things end but memories last forever”. This story revolves around Abhi a school student first and then an engineering student and his not so happy love story. The story is a narration by Abhi to her best friend Ridhima after a near death experience in which his family loses an important part of their family which is their loving XUV. His story includes all the incidences of his innocent love for Nikita, care-turned-lust for Riya, frustration for Shreya, his recent accident and all those that have taught him multiple lessons in life. 

My opinion:
Based on the love of school going children, this book will surely be loved by teenagers. The story is a bit fast, but the middle chapters are written in a wonderful manner. One of the best parts about the story was the chapter endings with different quotations suiting protagonist situations. Even if the story was not so interesting for people with age above twenties, it will remind them of their childhood and the memories associated with it. The story will make you laugh and you will connect with it on some points which will make it a delightful reading experience.

Talking about its negatives, the the story is well thought, but the writer was not successful in creating a visual appeal for his readers. His immaturity in writing is clearly visible in his story. Apart from some minor grammatical errors, the story could be written in a more descriptive manner with some addition of literature. 

Overall ratings:
Book Cover: 4/5
Plot: 2.5/5
Character justification: 3/5
Final Rating: 2.25/5

Special Thanks:
Since the book was a free review copy from the author, I would like to give Kumar Milan, a special thanks for this reading experience. 

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