Monday, 2 February 2015

Review: Your Dreams are Mine Now

Your Dreams are Mine Now

An incredible tale of love with a tragic and heart breaking ending, ‘Your Dreams are mine now’ is a beautiful description of love fighting together for an evil cause.

Revolving around Rupali and Arjun, the two brave students, activists, love birds who apart from going on dates and celebrating their love took the stand of fighting against the wrong. The “wrong” represented the darkest truth of our society which is women safety. Just pick up any newspaper and I guarantee that you will get to read at least one story of rape, molestation and woman harassment in it. Mahajan being the beast in this tale left no chance of threatening and misleading them, but they still stood against him and kept fighting.

Being a story of a budding romance, this is no doubt a love saga but with a revolutionary message and idea of standing together for the best, for the safety of women and other evils spreading in the society. It teaches us that one had to face a lot of obstacles while walking on the path of truth but sometimes acting and fighting back is the only choice you are left with.

With their college romance to candle marches to filmy fighting ultimately leading towards a gloomier end, the story will make you cry as Arjun cuddles with the sapling which Rupali had planted and says Your Dreams Are Mine Now.