Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Review: The Secret Wish List

The secret wish list” as the name suggests is a story of a wish list that becomes the life changing power for a simple housewife named Diksha.

Revolving around Diksha who was forced to live the way others wanted her to, the story takes a sudden twist with a happening that ignite her hidden desires and ultimately give rise to a wish list. Ranging from things like teenage romance, parental pressure, consequences of early marriage, husband habits and marriage rules, Preety mam discussed many issues altogether in this book in a very beautiful manner.

She quoted that, ”The habbits we make during early days of marriage will form the basis and rules for lifetime” and i strongly am in favor of this since i have seen my mother, aunts, sisters and sister in laws to complain about this fact. Diksha was indeed a house wife but i feel working women also go through this phase at some point of their life.

The story also makes us believe the old saying that, "We understand the beauty of things once they are gone and then start regretting things we could have done". Something like this forces Diksha to write her secret wish list and which ultimately give rise to a new human inside her which is totally different from one she has acted all the 35 years of her life. 

Dealing with all this is this story which has actually encouraged me to write my own wish list (just started writing it, not yet completed) which i am definitely going to complete in the coming time.
One question even i want to ask our narrow minded society is that is it really that important to retain our societal reputation that we forget the happiness of our own children?? Do the mistakes made during teen years can't be forgiven so that a child can move on rather than hating his/her destiny from that day onwards? 

All i want to say is life is limited our time on this earth is limited  and even after knowing this fact, we humans still keep on living the life others are writing for us. Why not write the story of our lives the way we want it to be?

Live strongly, make mistakes, be sensitive, wild, adventurous, mad, rude, act crazy and live the life you wish for.

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