Thursday, 8 January 2015

Review: Right Here Right Now

Is it possible to live without a past? 

In life, only some get a chance to re-write their choices, personalities and life story. Kalindi became one of those when she found herself lying on a hospital bed not even knowing what her name was.

Right here right now is a story of a seventeen year old girl, who gets up from coma after a serious accident which became the biggest mystery of her life. And the biggest problem she faced is the complete change in her personality which is caused due to an injury in her brains’ frontal lobe. 

In this novel, Nikita tells the story of this young girl, how she overcome past 17 years of her life and then rewrites her own self with her experiences of her just-got-second-life. The feeling of a stranger to one self, this book tackles with the things, friends and education which she has to start afresh. 

Fighting all what she didn't knew of her own self, she writes a different self with which she starts heading towards a better future forgetting all what had happened with her in her first life.

My view point:

A good read though i would have wanted to know the reasons behind her accident. Also, i would like to point that the book ended so suddenly without answering all the questions that the author should have. Having a great love life and a happy ending after forgetting all what had happened is not always enough.

No hard feeling for the author because what all she wrote was a treasure to read. I would also love to read some more of your books till then i wish that you keep writing and keep smiling.

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