Tuesday, 30 December 2014

Parathevali gali Chandni Chowk Delhi 6

Parathas are one of the famous South Asian dishes which are highly preferred in breakfast. Made by roasting flattened dough, these can be plain, stuffed or layered as per the various eating styles and traditional recipes followed in different parts of the world.
To enjoy this delicacy at one of its famous joint, the famous Parathevali Gali, i paid a visit there together with my family on Sunday. Though it was not the first time visited there place but the taste and love for those parathas forced me to write this article.
Talking about its history and facts, this lane was built in the Mughal era near red fort, chandni chowk Delhi 6 and was previously famous for its silver jewelry. From that it was gradually converted into this famous food joints when some Brahmins or pandits started preparing and selling parathas. One of the old shops which were built in 1872 by Pandit Gaya Prasad Sharma is where i had my plate of parathas. Coming out of its history, many famous celebrities have visited this place to taste and enjoy their plate full of parathas. Mela restaurant in UK and Only Parathas in Mumbai are two such names who have tried to imitate this lane in its own ways.
With the variety of parathas ranging from cauliflower to potato, tomato, banana, mint cheese and reddish, they serve some extra ordinary varieties which include lady finger, green chili, khurchan, rabdi and and much more. Served with varieties of chutney and curries, these are deep fried and served steaming hot to you plate. Words simply will never be enough to explain the exotic taste of the parathas served hot by them. 
In order to feel this bliss, you should definitely pay a visit and i guarantee you will cherish your decision of visiting there forever. But before reaching there with your friends, relatives, family or all by yourself, make sure you are hungry enough to miss no variety.
To have a more closer look at this place, Have a look at this documentary made by me.

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