Tuesday, 2 September 2014

First job is not an easy job

3rd feb 2014, Monday i guess, was the  day I stepped into my office, ‘CREATIVE LIPI WEBTECH PVT LIMITED, though content writing was never what I wanted to do but you life doesn’t always gifts you what you desire, sometimes you have to earn your desired with your hard work and consistent efforts. Today I completed 7 months which were spent in this office with a mix of feelings. From the pain of leaving college, a carefree life and a lot of spare time behind, I entered to this, world full of ‘being busy’. I still remember my first complaint from office which was, ‘yar pura din bhar roshni b ni dikhti, suba uthte hi office aao…bahar niklo to rat hai…’. It was a difficult time for me though I continued working even if I didn’t want to by understanding the fact that I am not the only one who is working.

Time passes, I started getting imbibed into my job and then summers came when days are longer now. (Thank god, I can at least have a glimpse of day when I leave office in the evening). Made some friends, I actually called some of my college friends there who eventually helped me in settling into this job but the truth was that I didn’t wanted to accept the changes taking place in my life and above all, content writing being a monotonous job, I was totally confused as to where I am heading.

With all hopes of entering into media industry lost, I focused on polishing my writing skills as this could be a way, I can restart with my career, I kept reading newspapers and tried my luck and ability in media whenever I got a chance. I am still trying and will keep on trying into focusing on a better and interesting career path but still believe that this job is not that bad with good bosses and a super friendly and lean working environment

So here a post dedicated to my first job after almost 7 months. I miss you blogger and all the bogs read, but the truth is, besides having plenty of free time, I never tried reading…:D
Apart from this, I have read 3 books in this time:
1. The fault in our stars-classy and lovable, I miss Hazel and Augustus since the book finished.
2. As a man thinketh- Just read it when you feel bad or blank..:)
3. The Notebook- great story with an unexpected ending.
Currently reading Polka Dots, Pony Tails and Purple pouts with a hope that I will be regular on blogger soon again…:)

Keep Smiling keep Shining..:) :)


  1. hey congrats on your first job!!! :) :) do well there and yeah b back on blogosphere whenever you get time!

  2. Thanks Anjali and sorry for rplyign here a bit late and not paying any visit at your blog. Keepign writig and keep smiling..:)