Tuesday, 24 September 2013

After 2 months and 5 days...:D

Back here after 2 months and 5 days exact...:)
ohh god how did i spent that time, missed you soo much dear readers and those i follow regularly.
First of all, internship was a great experience, i learned a lot specially travelling and living alone in life.
special thanks to Rahul Sir for being such a kind teacher and boss, next thank u sooo much Roseamma mam i truly miss you, you were a very kind and sweetest human being and colleague.
No more thanks...:D

Even after my internship these two months were full of different experiences, different meaning very different and very very different. O please after 2 mnths also i am not in a mood to write anything in detail.

Next was novel reading, which accompanied me in these months, i read 3, actually to be precise i read 2.5 though it didn't took me more than 3 days(in slow speed) to complete one but i wasn't having any more to read..hehe
1. till the last breath: emotional, lesson giving, full of hope.
2. it started with a friend request: total drama, masala, entertainment, Ekta kapoor's serial types in short totally my type.

last but not the least my birthday is less than 2 weeks away, very excited, actually very very excited...i wish rather than having a birthDAY, i could get a chance to celebrate birthWEEK....24 hours are not enough after waiting for the whole year.

bye now. hope i'l be in a mood to write something good soon. With many thoughts in my end i am going now tata..c u all soon on your blogs..:)
keep smiling keep shining...:)


  1. Great to hear from you but I think you've gone to the dormancy stage yet again;) Lol!
    I would love to hear stories about your internship experience and also the novel reviews;) So, do put up posts for them too !

  2. yes, actually i am not in a mood to write anything these days...:)
    Sure would love to share every experience once i will be back to that writing phase....:) :D
    keep writing..!!

  3. Welcome back! Glad to hear that you had fun :)