Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Aaja aa aa Aajaaaa..AA aa AAaaaa...:D

 Part 12: She was my BEST FRIEND, I mean SHE STILL IS AND WILL ALWAYS BE..:’(

1st june , start of the month of result  with a party(party to celebrate 6 months to their relationship).
I got an invitation last night for a celebration for 6 months of their relationship by both of them since three of us were having a conference call when they invited me. Three of us spent three hours at Dominos and Ccd one after another and then both of them went to sahastradhara to spent some time alone, they invited me too but I said I have some important work to do and didn’t joined them(Welll I lied).

The party day ended and since it was the month of result announcement, Day by day I was getting more curious to know my marks , my result, Ash’s result . Every time I think about it, butterflies used to dance in my stomach don’t know from where they get to know about my anxiousness( I was waiting badly for result, I mean waiting 3 months for results is too much, MIND IT , tooooooo muchhh). And after that my entrance test’s results too were going to declare soon. I was waiting desperately for my results.

On the other hand Ash wanted life to stay like that since she didn’t have to study these days(contrary to me , she hated results time from childhood). Viraj was planning for his college and graduation plans and too was waiting for the results.

This topic of results helped me stay out of that missing- Ash -feeling for some time  since I was swayed by my future dreams once I start thinking about my results.
The dream which I started hating one day....:(

Part 13 coming tomorow...:)
Same place and approximately same time...;)
keep following keep smiling and keep shining..!!


  1. I didn't quite get the title and what the smiley signified it for...BTW have Ash and Viraj already started dating? I just wanted to confirm...

    1. Aaja aa aa aaja..this title is used since the narrator i.e. Raj is waiting for results. And the picture shows a person waitiing for results.
      Yes they have started dating dats why they celebrated 3 months of their successful relationship in the starting of this part..:)

  2. thoughts of results after party... thats interesting...