Saturday, 16 February 2013

The dawn is never that far away

He had everything what a child wants in his early teen years, only thirteen he had a loving father, a  caring mother and a younger brother. But in a split moment….”everything” was taken away from him. His father, his protector,died  leaving them  alone in this cruel world. It was his b’day when his neighbour came him to collect him from school informing the school authorities about the sudden demise of his father. He heard everything and suddenly remembered , he was asking his father for a new bicycle for this b’day and realized neither the cycle nor his father will come back to him.
 Broken, he started crying, at that time his uncle who came school to take him home explained him, that, my son , now you have to play the role of your father, you have to take care of both of your mother and your younger brother, don’t  loose hope , your father will always help you in this, you were his proud son and he will always be there for you. But for your family you have to be there , to support them , to be with them. He wiped his face himself and then told his uncle to take him home.         
There he saw his mother  and brother crying hard, he was about to broke up into tears again but then he looked at the picture of his father in the hands of his mother and decided not to cry instead he wiped both of them’s tears and told them “main hu na maa, sb thik hojaega”. He took all his strength to stop his tears from flowing that day and continued this the years following. He was almost broken but never showed it to anyone
Caring day and night for his family ,he actually became the man of his family at an early age of fourteen, he never used to cry in front of his mother but when lonely he used to cry out loud. Years passed , his school too. And in those years he took the responsibility of his family and made it out perfectly. In his school time he fell for a girl, but things didn’t worked out and he was again left alone, he still walked out of it. He was a brave guy. School ended, It was  time to take admissions in the college and he was not able to take admission because he lacked some amount in the fees which was to be submitted before taking the admission. He didn’t worried because he was sure that his relatives will surely help him because he had seen his father helping everyone in times of need when he was alive, and the amount he needed was too small that anyone could help him.
He went one by one to all, asking for a loan as help and promised to give it back when he will be able to do that. . None of his relatives helped. Remember the words, “A friend in need is a friend indeed”. Well, he learnt it the hard way. No other option was left with him except finding a job to collect the amount himself. He joined a small job in a BPO and started going there, in an age when he used to see his friends getting ready for their college , he was getting ready to go to his job(his eyes filled with tears at that time but, he never let them came out, he was perfect in doing this till now). Still brave enough to walk , he never looked back.
The year passed, he colllected some money for him , but now his younger brother also finished his school and he was also about to take admission in an engineering college. Not sufficient enough for both of them, and he never wanted his younger brother to go through the same feeling , he asked his friend for help . his friend asked his father , explained him the whole situation and fixed a meeting between them. With a l’il hope he talked to his father and repeated the same clause of returning the money  as soon as possible. To his goodluck(he thought it was) his friend’s father agreed to give him the amount of money he needed in the form of a loan. Remember “ god helps those who help themselves”. He worked hard the previous year and now it was god’s turn to pay him the reward and he sent his friend and his father as his helping hands.
With the tears of happiness he hugged his friend because when nobody was there with him he was there to hold his hand( even if his father would have not agreed , he must have felt the same for his friend because he atleast tried to help).
He took admission in the college and so his brother. His life changed with some new friends. Worries was no more his companion . he was happy again and finnaly covered all the years of his worries in a single sentence ” jo hota hai ache k lie hota hai” because the face of life will not get much worse than what he have already seen. Now his only aim was to work hard, get a good job and end all the worries of his family. His only dream is to make his mother proud of him(she was always proud of him) with his hardwork.
Despite of all the hurdles he faced in life , he never gave up, He never looked back, he never did anything bad with anyone, he never said a single bad word for those who didn’t help him in time of need. He took every problem as a challenge and walked ahead crosing all the barriers and bars. He was a loving and responsible son and a perfect elder brother. He still is and will always be.
Although the world is full of suffering, it is also full of brave people who are overcoming it. At some point of life when we give up ,we all should have this strength of getting up and go along because “THAT’S HOW LIFE IS”.
ALWAYS REMEMBER, “The night might be too long , but dawn is never that far away”.
Keep smiling keep shining..!!


  1. Nostalgic, but message-oriented.

    Nicely written. :D

    1. Yup.. A messege oriented Tribute...:)
      thank you..:)

  2. "jo hota hai ache k lie hota hai” this is what i too tell myself when something goes wrong...but, why life is like that? who knows...we just got to believe that it s happened for the best...

    1. I too believe it..:)
      ache k lie ho na after bad day good tyms are not dat far away...:)
      so hope for the best and keep smiling...:)

  3. fab .... ya xactly aftr bad day ... gud day alwys their fr u ... :-)