Thursday, 7 February 2013

Life doesn't always gives you what you desire..!! but that doesnot mean that you stop dreaming..:)

The excitement of stepping into a new world  didn’t let her sleep that night, she kept thinking about the next day siting in her balcony the whole night, standing with her hands open she welcomed the first dances of light in the early morning sky.
Over excited she got ready for her first day at college three hours before the reporting time.entered the college, she walked to her classroom . everything was new to her , the feeling , the surrounding, the people, everything. Like everyone she entered there with a dream of becoming “SOMETHING” with her abilities and hardwork. Not much talented she did not became that famous instantly but one thing that made everyone to remember her was her charming “smile”. To others she seemed a frank, jolly, delightful, and carefree girl who was happy enough to spend her life with her smile. But nobody knew that behind that there lied a weak sentimental foolish and emotional girl.
Betrayal , back bitching by friends, trust broken in friendship several times , she faced all of them before she entered that place. Yet she stood there with all  her courage and strength and a hope to find some really good friends there. To her luck she actually made some, but her badluck she faced it again. Not that bad but she saw the true faces of people after she spent a gud amount of time with them, may be she wasn’t a good judge of human character , may be she wasn’t  a person of that type, or may be the world was too harsh for her(that’s just she felt sometimes),. She still was strong enough to move on with those people.
When we end our school the excitement of  college life makes us weave a dreamy world and she was the one who saw almost all her dreams and plans shattering one by one, and once she got to know aout the struggling life and the realities of the field she choosed for herself, she was afraid actually afraid. She wasn’t afraid of hardwork but she only needed a bit of councelling and motivation which she actually lacked.
Being a topper of the first semester, she kept loosing her grades in the semesters that followed. It took her some time to stand again (she never falled). Even if she lost her faith at times, one thing she always had was “hope”. Hope that things will be fine soon, hope that her hardwork will reward her even if others don’t. She prayed , she thought, she acted with all her strength and soul.
Life at college was completely of what she planned, somebody said it right,” life is what happens when you are busy planning”. Not once but many times she got distracted and deviated from her path,(not intentionally) but came back before its too late once she realized her faults. She might became weak at times , but she is strong enough to get going. She learnt from her mistakes, failures and disappointments and took whatever come in her way but never backed out.
Some took her wrong , some even misinterpretated, but she had realized that “life is like that” and moved with the fact that everything can’t be explained.
She is still living in the opposite face of her dreamy college life(since her college didn’t ended yet) and is still going,and will always untill she reach her destination. She believes in herself and have realized that it is enough for her to rise high in the tough world.
Her college may not be like the one she dreamt of, but it is a place full of experiences and lessons, where she had already learnt many. She surely added some friends to her friend list(don’t know wether they too have added her), some really good friends(some close to best also) and they are enough for her.
She overcome her fears of getting  lost in the world but now she is all set with all her confidence and strength hand knows that her time will soon come and the world will actually see her living her in the world of her and dreams.


  1. Irrespective all the bitter and bad experiences, I guess, school/college days are the best… because it s not just bitter and bad that happens on those campuses…right? A few years down the line, you will miss the beautiful experiences you had had…

    1. yup !! i agree..beside many bitter mamories i have some really good ones which i'll cherish throughout my life..:)

  2. being just out of college I could relate to all what you have written...but indeed those are the best days you will ever have...sometimes good sometimes bad is like that...

  3. brought out pages from my own life. But the one good thing about this whole post is the positivity. I liked the strength to rise and stand despite going weak or breaking at times. Thats what life is all about I guess.

    And as everybody said, College days are the best. When you step out in real life, life will be a bit*h, rather it will show the real face of people and exp, which then might feel college was much better place! Not scaring , but then showing a glimpse of reality. So cherish the beauty of the moment and start clinging to inner strength.. Thats what is gonna be throughout your life, keeping you alive.

    1. Yup positivity is one thing this she can never loose even if she lost everything...
      Thanks for stopping by and for such a wonderful advise and guidance..:)