Sunday, 20 January 2013

that "MASKED" smile

She was a sweet  jolly & chirpy girl. Had many friends with some best and everlasting friends. She was fun to be with. She was a happy  go lucky , a frank  , fearless  , independent  girl who believes in leading her life on her  own rules. She was intelligent, known to many ,everyone appreciates her charming face which adorns a striking smile. But this was what she was for others.
Because  behind that keep smiling  ,chirpy ,happy go lucky mask there lies a foolish, sentimental ,emotional  sad and weak girl who was “may b” lonely. She had many friends but yet she was not contented. There have been many nights when she has cried herself to bed( the only place she did so) . her smile was appreciated by many but nobody has ever had a look of her mascara smudged face and eyes filled with sadness. She only wanted to be normal.she only wanted to be happy

Betrayal, back bitching by friends, trust broken several times, making all the wrong choices – she faced it all. Yet she stood there with all what she had-faith. She didn’t struggled but yes adjustments, compromises were her best friends by then. Many times she wanted to cry out loud but her weakness and the ineer voice saying  that no one will understand stopped her in doing so. Even if any time she tries to do so, she only ended up losing her faith. Faith that people will understand her, faith that they will support her, faith that she could speak clearly with all the strength she had. But in the end she was left complaining to herself …..
Even if she lost her faith at times, one thing she always had was “HOPE”. Hope that things will be fine soon, hope that she will be interpreted correctly one day. She prayed, She thought, She acted -with all heart and soul. She did what she thought was right. She had her own beliefs and she held them in great priority. She was who she wanted to be, not what others wanted her to be. She might have made more enemies than friends, but that didn't matter to her. She had friends who meant more than life to her and a family who would love her till the end.

She might become weak at points but she is strong enough to get going. She knows that life is about moving on with all the best memories in heart. She keeps all of them with her always.The girl is still going. She learned from her mistakes, failures and disappointments. She took whatever came her way (maybe with a frown or smile) but never backed out. Some people may not get her, but that is ok. Everything can’t be explained.

She is still going and will keep going. She dreams. She lives. She hopes.And her time will soon come and then the world will see. The world will understand her. the world will stand by her and support her.............


  1. good flow of thoughts....that's the strength of a woman, she may be in pain, but to world she will try to look normal,as if nothing has happened...

    1. yes only a woman can hide the pain in her mesmerising smile that can never let anyone imagine the pain behind it..:)