Wednesday, 16 January 2013

twist and learn..:)

A coin has two sides , we all must have used this thousands times in our lives while writing debates(specially) but how many of us really follow or believe in this..are these words made to be used in debates only.. don’t know..may b many of u follow them in real life too…

But this two sided coin is one of the most amazing fact I have seen. Not only two sided but things can have one or more face behind them that many would not even try to focus on. Those sides that can sometimes makes us learn something new.. something beyond we can even imagin that this thing will teach us. Everyone in their lives have read many fairytale stories but do we even remember any lessons that we learned from it , those stories are not meant to be read and forgot but they also teach us a lesson except those  ” HAPPY ENDING or ALL’s WELL THAT ENDS WELL” themes…for instance : We all knew that snow white was given a poisoned apple, we hated the negative character of that fairytale and happily ended the story when she went away with her prince charming.

But if u would have noticed the second phase of that poisoned apple u will learn a fact that not everyone is going to be kind and not everyone is really who they are. This is also taught by the same story and the same apple but only a handful of people noticed and learned this.
In life we generally forget to see the other side of things, the side visible to us is generally thought to be the only side…are we dumb enough to ignore the other facet of the story or the blitzkrieg of these fancylands and fairytales make us flow with the beauties lying inside it. Have alook at some more:

***Why did Cinderella run away at midnight?
To remind us that everything does have its limitations, even dreams. 

Why did Ariel exchange her fins for fee?
To show us that people are willing to give up anything to be happy. 

Why did aurora sleep for 100 years?
To tell us that you might have to wait a long time for something, but its worth it. 

Why did princess jasmine fall for Aladdin?
To let us know that what the heart wants, it wants no matter what. 

Why was belle in love with a beast?
To remind us that you can’t really help what’s on the outside, but if the inside is beautiful,
then nothing will stand in the way of your love.***


Try to look at things with a different view, anything and everything can teach us a lesson
even fairytales can make us learn, this is  just another way of reading them with a view to learn. Try to look at the other perspective of life. Try to spin ur coin, you never know what you learn the very next moment.

"Behind everything may it be stories, experiences, mistakes, life teaches us a twisted lesson, its just depend on you, weather to live in the fairytale or to spin the coin to see the other side..