Sunday, 14 October 2012


The way i live may not suit u 
as evryone cant fit in the same shoe 
y shud i change 4 the sake of u 
to b a part of the crowd which i dont want to 
i dont care watever u say 
its my life let me live it my way 
I dont want ur interuption or u to interfere with me 
need no advise i just want to b free 
no "this" no "that" no "if" no "but" 
i just want sm tym alone in an empty hut 
dont come after me just go away 
its my life let me live it my way 
i dont want my life to b care free 
like an independent bird i just want to flee 
i "cry" i "laugh" i "shout" i "dance" 
living packed in a cage o! Pls there's no chance 
i want a loud clear and unbeatable voice 
this is the life of my choice 
Dont judge me rite dont declare me wrong 
these words r my heart out not just a poem or a song 
i'll tread through the cold of the night surely will find the day 
yes u heard it rite its my way 
i just want to rest in sands of peace i lay 
its finally my life let me live it my way...............

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