Tuesday, 28 August 2012

writing and me....JUST GOOD FRIENDS....:)

Writing was never my cup of tea, but sometimes in life things turn out to be the opposite of our choice. As human beings it is normal that we can’t keep everything, good , bad, memories experiences within us. We all need a way or somebody to puke out our words.

People have their different ways of sharing all of them. Some post it as their facebook status, some tweet, some write a book on it,some even believe of keeping it in their heart. I too shared but somewhere, something was always there inside me that my mouth couldn’t speak and mind does not knew how to explain and frame it into words. It was becaue may be my perceptions didn’t matched with those around me. And thus my views and perceptions took me to a new road “WRITING”.

I wrote, yes (collected a lot of courage to write, since for me it was like climbing mount everest) actually wrote one day what I actually wanted to say. Felt extremely happy because finally I have found out my way of SPEAKING MY HEART out and today writng and me have become good friends, not bestbut good friends for sure.

For others I may write bull shit or may not write perfectly in a mesmerizing way bu I believe there is nothing like explaining others in my writing, I write for myself and wil keep on writing for myself unless pen and pper becomes extinct...Still if they do I’ll type..till the day I am alive...I’ll write and keep speaking my heart...:)

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