Saturday, 21 July 2012

Facebook Fever

“Books are our best friends” is an old proverb. But today is the time when maximum people follows it. Yes, there is actually a world famous book which has become everybody’s best friend and the book is known as “FACEBOOK”.

Welcome to Facebook . The place where people adds you as a friend and walk past you in the street, where relationships are perfect , people are perfect , affairs are started and sometimes soon broken apart, where liars believe they are telling their truth. We visit the profiles of our enemies and yet block our own family and friends.

“What’s on my mind” : here we write everything apart from actually what is going on inside it and when sometimes (by mistake) we write what we are actually thinking , some or the other one taking it the wrong way. You can never know who started hating you the next second and add you in their block list and where people always think that your status is about them.

Like me! Like me! Shouts the every next picture or status posted. Being a social networking site, it is also playing the role of an online album where in everybody’s profile there is an album named “its ME” , Or ” MEEEEEE” or “ its all about MEEEEE”. And how can one forget its role of a matrimonial site , relations are made here , and sadly sometimes broked off here too.

These are some of the best chapters of mine and everybody’s favourite and most flaunted book FACEBOOK, which like no other book interests us the most. So hit like this status update as this article is signing off here. Keep facebooking.

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