Sunday, 22 April 2012

Last day at my “Second Home”

Last day at my “Second Home”

As I walked slowly with moist eyes, out of my second home, the world seemed still, no movements , no noises, I closed my eyes as I wanted to keep each and every memory of that lace in my heart forever. The place where I spent the most memorable time of my life, my second home, MY SCHOOL.
It was the last day of school, we all were dressed in our blue school uniform, our eyes were silentbut the heart was crying because it was the last tym we could see each other, meet each other like thiswear the best dress of my life. Photos were clicked and contacts exchanged. Me and my group sat at our favourite place for the last time, he corner of our school playground. Sitting there we remembered all the beautiful moments which turned memories and nobody remembers who was the first one to cry out loud.
School bell ranged and we all wiped each others eyes, hugged each other and started walking out of the school and sudeenly a strange thought surroundes me,
From now my whole world will change. It ws the place from where I had to choose my own way , a new road, where I had to start again, with new people, new surroundings, new behavior, new ideas, including a new pathwhich I chosed “JOURNALISM”.
Everything will change except the old “ME

Written by: 
Mani Khanna

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