Saturday, 10 December 2011


People change and so do we
different r the thngs we see
attitude,ego, rudeness 2day people r so selfish
going bak 2 my childhood is my only wish...
People speak bout me, i dont understnd wat dey mean,
i m and wil alwas b wat i have alwas been....
A feel as if i am sea without a single fish
going bak 2 my childhood iz my only wish..
Some peple came were fake
others were my life's biggest mistake
My life became an incomplete dish
going back 2 my childhood is my only wish...
I lost some , some lost me...
Some came too close dat i dint realize wen u and me becomes we...
Some finds me mad , for others m kiddish
going bak 2 my childhood is my nly wish...
I dont care who evr crtisize me
for me its the fittest way to live i see
no 1 will evr undrstnd my vain...
My only wish is to go bak 2 my childhood and live again...........

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