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 Currently Reading:

Nothing! Yes, you read it right. I am reading nothing these days but some blogs!

In the 'Not able to read' zone these days. Help me if you can by sending me motivational emails and comments on the posts. Your comment might motivate this demotivated reader who wishes to read madly again!

I hope I post the picture of the book I am reading soon again!


  1. Hey Blogger!

    Couldn't stop but read what you had typed for the Current Reading Section. I'm known as the Dose of motivation. And under the pressure of that, I have an OCD of reading that you aren't reading. One of the best things reading does to us is that it takes from places to places and thoughts to thoughts while we stay at where we are. That's nothing but magic existing right in front of us and not realising if we don't read. I really think that reading is the 3rd best thing you could do on the bed. ;)

    Books help us who we are and how we are to behave. They show us how to live and die. So, gather some courage and give if not many, 2 pages each day a read, and that shall make you wiser than you already are. Because, a day without reading is like.....just kidding, I have no idea. :)

    1. Hey motivator,

      All I am feeling right now is 'Awwwwwwwww <3' Thank you for writing and motivating me. I know and feel exactly the same about books that you have mentioned but somehow, my brain is acting wierd these days and all I am able to read is 'the old blogs that I used to long time back'

      -Udaas blogger

  2. Hi Udaas,

    There's nothing as weird as not reading. So, chuck the storms of your mind aside and keep a book handy. If not for a beautiful Sun, reading will fetch you a colorful rainbow and a dancing rain. For the sake of a sane reader, let not injustice take over!

    -Coffee Lover!

    1. Dear coffee lover,

      I'll be glad if you gift me one.I would love to start with 'that one'.

      -The one who is mischievously smiling :)