Sunday, 21 January 2018

Soulmates is cliche, Love is forever.

I have seen heartbroken people and when I say that I've seen them, trust me on the note that I've seen many.

You, yes you, the one reading it right now, I know someone broke your heart. I know it feels bad to have your heart broken by somebody you have loved with all your heart and soul. I know it feels painful that the one who adored you at one point of time now ignores you. I know it feels awful to re
alise that thee one you were so much in love with don't understand you anymore. I know it feels terrible to go to places alone where you have shared a memory with that special one. It all feels sad and it all feels bad. I understand!

I will believe you when you'll say:
I am over all of this, 
I don't believe in love anymore,
With him/her, I had the best moments of my life, I am happy with the memories now,
I might not be able to love somebody now,
I still love him/her,
He/she has killed the faith I had in love.

I will believe all of this and I believe in you. But you know what, one day when you'll be walking down your office street looking up for lunch options, you might have an eye contact with somebody who will feel just right. You might end up liking a stranger sitting on the table next to you at a coffee house with the conversation he/she's having wih the one they are there with. You might end up realising that the best friend you were sharing all of your break-up stories with, your tears and the stress-breaks with is the real someone you deserve. You might end up falling for someone you met online who you thought was 'trying' on you. Or the girl you went on a trek with. Or the guy you met on your solo trip, the one you kept running into at every nook and corner of that city.
Love could be found anywhere, any number of times and in anyone. You just have to believe in it.
Yes, when I say love is powerful, it definitely is. And even you won't be able to ignore that fact that love is powerful when you'll find it again. Again! And again after that and may be one more time after those twenty failed love stories that you thought were 'the one'. To those who say, love happens once, I am no god, no superhuman to deny that fact. But to people who believe in the power of love will certainly believe me when love will hit them 'one more time'.
Trust me when I say this 'One day you will find someone who will admire your imperfections, adore your past and will promise to love you in your present and future. Someone, you would look up to at the candle light dinner and will think- I never thought that I'll find someone like you. Someone, you will want to share your days and nights with. Someone, you would love to see sleeping peacefully all cuddled up in blanket that you two will be sharing. Someone, who would be making the right coffee for you when you'll be dreaming early in the morning.
And at that time, no past connections, arguments, love stories will matter to you.  At that time, anyone from the past who said 'I love you' might seem trivial because you'll be with the one you deserve.
I hope you find love soon.
Because when love wins, it creates more love. And when love loses, it creates stories.
How many stories do you have?

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