Monday, 3 April 2017

To - 'That' Someone | From - An Old Friend

Hi ______,

Hope you are doing well and having the best time of your life.

Wondering why I am writing to you after 8 long years? No need to think too much, it was just a coffee session with a friend (No, we weren't discussing you) and an unexpected dream I had that night that reminded me of you. Its just that I am a bit impatient and curiosity is a trait I have developed over the years due to which I couldn't resist myself from writing to you to ask you, how's life going on?

It was this dream that brought back all the memories of us being madly cutely together. Though may be not in love but it was fun. You were actually one of the closest friends I made in life.

Don't expect this letter to be a hint of getting back together or a hint of any kind. It is just a gentle reminder of the past that we have shared together. A remembrance to all the memories I made with you as a friend (because all it actually was, friendship).

We were very similar and it wasn’t difficult for us to be lovers (Or I better call it 'friends'). Shy yet crazy ambiverts, we needed each other to make sense of our lives. Like all good things, our time together was limited. What we didn’t anticipated was that while we thought we were drowning in shallow waters of love, life wanted us to still be insistent on being ‘good friends’.

Getting back to my objectives of writing to you, one of the major reasons behind this letter is a happy ending that I feel every story deserves, a happy closure that every ending deserves. Whatever we had wasn't ended on a happy note and I don't know what happened in your life over the years. Don't worry, I don't want to even know the minutest details of your life, just want to say thanks for the good, bad, happy, sad memories we share.

Have a wonderful life ahead!

-An old friend (Yes, a friend indeed!) 

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