Thursday, 31 March 2016

Book Review - Waves in the Sky

Waves in the Sky
By Rakhi JayaShankar

This is a story of 6 friends, angry young girl - Charu, drama queen – Ananya, frightened from princi – Neha, ambitious and logical – Avantika, selfish – Raihana and the outspoken and confident – Yami, together known as the CANARY/ies.

Written In the backdrop of Kerala, Waves in the sky is the story of the lives of Canaries and their mother Banyan - Ms. Malini. From being school students till they get finished with their twenties, a lot happen in their lives. From a sweet tale of friendship, the book becomes a mind boggling murder mystery.

Delve deep into this mysterious contemporary fiction to know more about the lives of Canaries and the murder mystery that follows.

Pros and Cons:


One of the best parts about the book was the characterization of each and every chief character of the book. All the Canaries, their attributes, Malini’s nature and their background are well defined to give a proper base to the story. A simple language and good vocabulary is well amalgamated with the correct narration style which will bind its readers to it. To give a touch of Kerala, some words of Malyalam have been used which creates an ambience and feel of that place. Also, a creative and different title is used for the book.

Pointing out the negatives of a good book is always a difficult task but I always believe that like a coin sides, a book shall also have a negative side so that the author can always have a scope for improvement. The only negatives I found was that the ending was penned in a fast pace as compared to the slow and perfect pace with which the start is written. Other than that, some incidents have been unnecessarily exaggerated in the book which could have been avoided. Also, book cover is something she should have worked more on since it lacks in attracting reader’s attention.

My take on the story:

Penning a story is an easy task, but connection it emotionally with the readers and binding the reader to it till the very ending is one of the toughest tasks and Rakhi has surely passed this task.

Right from describing the selfish nature of human beings to the bond of friendship that is one of the beautiful relations in this world to the motherly love, care and affection to the heart wrenching description of female harassment, all these elements are the building blocks of this story. A wonderful effort in form of a debut novel, Waves in the sky is an enjoyable and

Pick this book if you are looking forward for a gripping tale of friendship with a tint of mystery, I am sure you will be compelled to finish it in one go.

Final Rating:

Book Cover and Title: 1+2=3; 3/5
Plot, language and Literature: 3.5/5

Character Justification: 3.5/5

Final Rating: 3.5/5

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