Monday, 30 November 2015

Book Review - Cult Of Chaos

Cult Of Chaos
-By Shweta Taneja

In an era when youngsters are more into the lovie-dovie stuff, comes the mysterious and adventurous novel Cult of Chaos. 

In a world that has their own tantric society council and laws, a girl is being sacrificed every full moon in the shadow of a black tantrik ritual. As soon as Anantya Tantrist comes to know about the dark happenings of Tantrik world, she pledges to stop and solve the mystery behind those acts. Every sacrifice that takes place lefts Anantya more agitated to find out about the ritual that is being performed. 

Knowing that the final outcome of calling the Chaos God will destroy the entire city, she gets on this journey to save the city and humankind facing all the supernatural objects and activities that comes in her way. 

Will she be able to get successful in achieving her objective of saving Delhi and the seven girls from being butchered?

What is the mystery of Cult of Chaos?

Who is behind the hustle bustle that is taking place in the tastrist sector?

Read this mind exciting book to uncover all the mysteries that followed.


Created by the master artist Shweta Taneja, COC is not just a novel but the birth of a new world with a magical touch of tantrism. Right from the imagination she had penned in this book, to the language and characters planned, I will appreciate each and every part in this section to acknowledge author’s hardwork. 

Simple and effective language is been used to make this book understandable. This book is not age group specific because every thrill and mystery lover will like it irrespective of their age. Grammar and spellings are taken care of pretty well. Dialogue writing, character-planning and description of the different creature mentioned are done wonderfully. Starting is excellent and curiosity creating but the book becomes a bit slow in the middle.


Ending on a perfect note of Anantya saving the world, the book could have been a bit short. Some of the characters and unnecessary scenes are stretched too much which could have been avoided to earn an extra score.

Final Opinion:

A wonderful effort, this will leave you awe-struck with its mind boggling construction of a new tantrik world in the boundaries of Delhi.

Final Rating:

Book Cover and Title: 4/5 

Plot, language and Literature: 4.25/5 

Character Justification: 4/5 

Final Rating: 4/5

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