Monday, 26 October 2015

Book Review: Chasing Illusions

Chasing Illusions
-By Utakarsh Jayant


Ajay lives with his father and mother in a small town of Bagbola. Confused as to what he should do in his life, he fell in love with his neighbor’s girl. To give direction to his confused son, Ajay’s father pleads his friend Ramu Kaka to let Ajay work under him in his real estate business. After working sometime with his, Ajay finds interest in this field but soon got to know that Ramu Kaka was indulged in fraudulent activities. Time passes, he moves ahead in his life with his own business as a real estate agent.

What happens next?

Will he be able to live an honest life or the evil of greed will take him under its shadow?

Read, Chasing Illusions to know more about Ajay and his journey as a real-estate agent.

My Opinion:


A nice platform and subject is been selected for this novel along with a nice title. The language used in the book is kept simple and sweet. Dialogue writing is also nice and shows wonderful imagination skills of the author. Some cute incidents of the friendship between Ajay and Chotu, mentalities of narrow minded people in terms of marriage relationships are shown perfectly. Though the book started slowly having boringness, it took a perfect pace in the ending


Though the book cover is fine, it could have been made more related to the story and theme. Lots of grammatical errors will break the flow of reading. Irrelevant incidents are described in details and some important parts of the story are ended in a sentence. 

My take on the book:

Targeting young entrepreneurs, this book are a nice attempt by author Utakarsh Jayant as a debut writer. Though the subject he selected was extremely well, he was not that victorious in clearly weaving his thoughts in this book. 

Keeping all this things aside, the book throws light on a major issue of the world which is corruption. All one wants today is to be in the win-win situation without thinking about the hardships others may face with their evil deeds. Youngsters especially get attracted towards such evil games thinking about the monetary gains such dark deeds provide. The book shows the after effects one has to go through when we choose money over honesty.

If you are a young entrepreneur and wish to get lots of money in little time, this book is for you. Dive into Ajay’s journey and learn the lessons that follow.

Final rating:

Title / Cover: 3/5

Character justification: 2.25/5

Story, Language, literature: 2/5

Final Rating: 2.25/5


  1. Grramatical errors if they exist should be pinpointed. i have found that there is a trend of many reviewers stressing on such errors even if they dont exist because most of the writers work hard on this aspect and so does the publisher. Such negative comments without substantiation spoil a book.

    1. I am sorry but i don't agree with you. Highlighting all the errors a Reviewer finds in a book is not their job. They are there to point out that there were many mistakes and rest is author's and publisher's wish if they like to edit it again for the 2nd edition or not.

      Secondly, if you wish to get your book reviewed, be ready for the negative comments as well because it is our job to highlight the negatives if found. If you are not ready to take criticisms in a healthy way, I am sorry but you can never improve your self.

      At least I am not the one who write reviews just to get free review copies, I write them in a non-biased manner. If you like it, Good for you, If you don't like them, don't read them, That's all I can say.

      Keep smiling keep shining.

  2. pl hold on. Just evaluate yr response to the general comment. Secondly calling a spade a spade requires guts and you are such a great reviewer....i am waiting for the day i will have the privilege of getting a book of mine reviewed by you....but you will agree if i say no one in this world is perfect

    1. I don't think i made a mistake in pointing out the negatives i mentioned. But if you hold any grudges against me, keep on pointing out the things you wish to.

      Secondly, I am sorry, but i don't think I'll be able to review your book and I don't think I hold any justifications to you for this.

      Keep smiling Keep shining..!!

  3. Replies
    1. Hey.. Belated happy Diwali to you and your family ..:)
      Keep smiling keep shining..:)