Thursday, 26 March 2015

Dreams Do Come True..:)

Writing was never my cup of tea, but sometimes in life things turn out to be the opposite of our choice. As human beings it is normal that we can’t keep everything, good, bad, memories experiences within us. We all need a way or somebody to puke out our words.

People have their individual ways of sharing their things. Some post it as their Facebook status, some tweet, some write a book on it, some even believe of keeping them in their heart. I never lacked people with whom i can share things in the best possible manner, but sometimes we don't know how to frame the words in our heart and speak them all at once. This thought inspired and took me to the path of "WRITING". I never wanted to be a writer, but now i am one. Started as a blogger, my journey directed me to become a "Writer" with a corporate firm. 

While blogging or you can say, while SPEAKING MY HEART, i wrote with all my heart and soul and satisfied my inner self with the words which were dedicated to me.

With this friendship originated a dream of writing a story that will get published someday. And here this dream is turning into realty as my first short story will be publishing soon in an anthology (Zindagi) by Author Ink Publication.

Here, you can read its prologue to get an idea of the plot.

Prologue: AM I ALIVE

This is the story of an old man who lost his wife two years back and was left with the reminders of those sixty years spent with that lady. A wife who played the role of his best friend in those lovely sixty years of their marriage, a wife who played the mother of their five happy children, a wife who was always there to support him, to be with him.
But today, he cannot even cry because he will never want his children to break down in front of him. More than that, he knows that even if he’ll cry, she will no longer be there to wipe his tears. Loving her more and more with each day, his life takes him to a journey which makes his life a mystery and he was forced to ask himself AM I ALIVE?

Cover of book in which this story will be publishing soon:

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