Tuesday, 24 February 2015

The darker side of Indian Cinema

Watching all the crap in the name of cinema we have actually forgot the purpose they have started for.

Recently, I watched Ek Doctor Ki Maut directed by Tapan Sinha which was released in the year 1991.

The story revolved around Dr. Roy journey for inventing a medicine to treat leprosy. Though it took him 10 long years to invent that medicine but the twist occur when the government in an indirect manner stops him in completing the paperwork. Due to a single side effect of the medicine the association of doctors humiliates him for the medicine he discovered.

Though the movie was released in 1991 but none of its parts showed it as an old movie. Right from the script, language, star cast, story, the bitter truth of our society which stops us from reaching higher positions with his innovations in the field of science owing to their own selfish reasons, everything is been shown in a beautiful manner.

With this movie, i got associated with a beautiful side of Indian cinema which was truly missing in the movies that are made today. Apart from filming non-sense movies like Humshakals, Gunday and other dramatically insane stories, i would like to plead our film makers to make movies which show the true essence and reality of our society. 

I understand that entertainment is necessary, but here it has overpowered the true cause behind the introduction and history of Indian cinema. Movies like this should be encouraged so that our youth can see the real facets of our society rather than watching "sheela ki jwani" and "munni badnam hui" which instigates major societal problems like increasing vulgarity, eve teasing and rape cases. 

Our previous generations introduced this concept of teaching through filming; now it is our responsibility whether we want to show something that encourages our society to do unethical things or to show the reality with this significant tool.

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