Thursday, 28 February 2013

Prologue : She was my BEST FRIEND, I mean SHE STILL IS AND WILL ALWAYS BE..:’(


I have seen cocktail and they said that right “some friends are too good to be shared”
People change and so do situations.. we don’t always stay in the same “protective” world of friendship forever in which our best friends are forever and only ours..
Something like this is my own story. Hi, I am ,  RAJ…and she was my best friend AYESHA and then something happened that  changed our lives and that happening was Ayesha’s boyfriend VIRAJ(both of them share a six month old relationship when it all started to happen) which made us to part our ways, it was nobody’s fault ofcource but I lost her, MY BEST FRIEND Ayesha….:’(

Both of us were still best friends but I was not that comfortable with her anymore…I  started hiding my emotions , feelings and sentiments . I know nobody in this world can understand me the way she does, and I also know that like always she was aware of my changed & uncomfortable  behavior but this time , its better for me to let her understand these things on her own. This time I will not tell her what I am going through since it all started because of me. No I have not made any mistake or tried to hurt her, instead I have given her something she too wanted but after that I myself was not happy. Its not like that I din’t want to be happy but I was not, actually not.
Please do not think that I ever fall in love with her, I mean I loved her but like a best friend,not more than that, but I never knew that I was about to lost her ..soon..

Part 1 : coming soon


  1. Interesting so far..
    Waiting for Part 1 ... :D

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  3. Thank u soo much for this award..:)
    and i hope u'll like the whole story..:) part1 COMING SOON keep waiting..:)

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  5. wooooowww mani...loved ur writing....too awsum..!!


    waiting for next part...good luck!!!

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    1. Thank u Adhi..:)
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