Thursday, 20 September 2012

Speaking My Heart

my favourite lines from the novel: I TOO HAD A LOVE STORY...

Days pass by somehow 
but nights now are a wagon of pain 
injuries may heal with time 
but marks will forever remain 
restless on my comfortable bed 
i toss and turn and try to sleep 
but thoughts are bulking my head 
and have formed a huge heap 
the past is flashing its scorching light beams 
tearing me apart, breaking me at the seems 
the darkness of my life is more visible in the dark 
and now i m tryng to give it a voice , trying to speak my heart..............


  1. flash light from the past is more painful i guess...

  2. Living in past is painful always...

  3. yes i agree..unless and untill v'll not forget out past v"ll not b able to move on....
    just go to this link i hope both of u'll like it..