Thursday, 16 August 2012

my 1st YeAr @ college

Its 17th august 2012 and I doesn’t even remember how and when my first year at college passed. It seems that yesterday was the day when I went to my college for the very first time. Holding my father’s hand in one hand and Niharika’s hand in another, sandels totally covered with mud(THE MUD WHICH HAS A LOoooONG STORY BEHIND IT) I still remember I was telling my dad,” papa leave us on the gate, andar hum khud chale jaaege”. But he’s my dad and how can he left me at the college gate, so he escorted me to my course’s building, where I had to spend the next three years of my left, which are now decreased to two.....

See how precisely I remembered my first day at college, Room no. 311, where we completed our registration and had my first interaction with my new classmates. After registration some of us went to see our college campus..Looked at the gardens, the ground(bigger than my school’s) we finally went to my favrate place THE CANTENE(which is still my favourite) had pattis and cold drink( see I remembered everything) and then I make our way back to my homes in the excitement of coming here the next day again.

First day @ college ended soon and so does my first year there. My journey from a fresher to now a SENIOR. This complete one year passed in making friends, having fun , making fun of others too, having b’day parties, and yes some small silly fights(now solved, now we or I just laugh on them). With passing time , I became more and more friendly with my friends, classmates, teachers and yes my seniors( they were nice to us) andhow can I forget to mention that I also got used to the most boring thing of colege student’s life ”COLLEGE DRESS”.

Inspite of having fun I attended almost all my classes( sounds studious, yes I am but not that much!! Ohk who doesn’t like good grades , Atlest I do) except EVS becoz that was extremely boring(sorry sir but u were actually boring) , my first and the last bunk was of EVS only.I celebrated my b’day(best and the worst at the same time) yet it will remain my favourite till this years b’day J. We also gave our 1st and 2nd sem exams and yesI topped The 1st sem(most happiest day of my life).

Not only this, I actually learned many things from my friends , seniors and yes made my 1st documentary(a yummy day @parathe wali gali). Found out something new in me (I STARTED WRITING) Don’t b mistaken I always knew how to write but Yes! Writing was never my cup of tea but god knows what actually made me write poems and now I can proudly say I CAN WRITE(pehle b aati thi but...)

A  lot more than this happened in my first year in college but I am not in a mood to write a novel here. SO see you all, my first year was rocking and I hope the 2years that are left will also be as exciting and memorable as my first. Will continue this when my second year end. Till then A HAPPY JOURNEY TO ME :)

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