Sunday, 29 April 2012


                                                I DONT KNOW Y?????

Rule of life sometime happy sometym sad
Or somtym l’il things just make me mad’
sometyms fear and sometyms joy
y i m in others hand lyk a bloody toy…..

y my decisions are questioned
and all my things are t bmentioned
as a girl a sister, a daughter a sister and in smtym a wife
 y I m leading a slave’s life…..

y my life is ful of fear
the reasn behind my worsds still not clear
are we destined to become puppets in this world
y cant i just run away and fly lyk a free bird….

I don’t knw wheather I m ryt or wrong
The words are felt by my heart not just a poem or a song
The way v live , the way we shud depend on us
Some say it depends on our elders I don’t understand y is it so????????

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