Friday, 14 September 2012

Is Modi the man INDIA needs?

Narendra Modi- referred to as “communal” by muslims after the Godhara riots, demolished all the unauthorized Hindu temples that had come in his way of development leaving a question behind that is he the man India needs ? can he be projected as a potential PM candidate? Even after accused of the Godhra riot, will he be able to fight against the evil and do justice to the top position in India, the PM , which many only dreamt of?
To answer all these questions one need to think about all the pros and cons for this situation though he claimed he was above religion and castes, he was still very much the poster boy of hindutva and RSS. Even though Modi seems to be doing nothing these days he is still pretty much haunted by his alleged involvement in Godhara riot  case(2002) . apart from this riot he was also blamed for demolishing the hindu temples which came in his way to development, but this also removed his blame of being communal. And according to me the people of India including the politicians and religion leaders need to be tutored that law of the land must be respected and thus all unauthorized structures included the temples or any other structures should be demolished.
But as the scenario depicts it simply says that Modi will have a tough time ahead maintaining a balance between his image of being a hindu keeping muslims content,if becomes the next PM.
But no matter how much we try to bring his negatives out, we can’t miss the charisma he radiates. He is among those finest leaders of our countrywho have excellent organizational and financial capability. The fact that GDP growth rate in Gujrat has been 11.5 over the past few years against the national value of 9% is something one cannot overlook.
But then again there are a whole lot of other facets which need to be taken into consideration when we are talking about the world’s largest democracy; so we should better let the country decide.


  1. This country's decisions are absolutely bonkers. We can't have an unanimous voice ever which was evident with hanging of Afzal Guru if you remember.
    So, how can such an important decision be left in the hands of these so-called 'citizens'? What Modi can do and what he will do are the million dollar questions. But as you said, if BJP has any little mind left, they will play their gamble on Modi only.

  2. Yup making promises and maintaining the promises are the two pole apart things in indian one cant say if modi becomes an exception...:)